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How To Make BHO

How To Make BHO

There are many different ways how to make BHO.  The most important rule when making BHO is DO NO BLAST INSIDE! You MUST to have proper ventilation when doing this.  Most of the issues that people have when learning how to make BHO is, they think the explosion won’t happen to them. Well YOU ARE WRONG! has put this How To Make BHO page together to help educate people about making concentrates.  We’re working closely with well known hash makers to make sure the the information that we give to you here is correct and up to date.  We don’t claim to know everything about making hash, but if we don’t have the answer, we’ve got a team of people that we can turn to to get the right answer.

Please feel free to ask questions, and give feedback (if it’s correct) to help others.  We’re all about sharing and education here.

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